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5 Reasons to Fry in Love with The Galveston County Fair and Rodeo

It's time to dust off your cowboy boots and a hat for the 2018 Galveston County Fair and Rodeo that takes place in Hitchcock from April 12 through 21, 2018.

1. Deep-Fried Food
The rodeo food is one-of-a-kind dining experience. Come hungry and try a foot-long sausage, chicken on a stick, over-the-top burgers and deep-fried anything. All food is Texas-sized.  

2. Parking
It's free. Should I say more? If you have ever parked at the RodeoHouston with the prices ranging from $20 and up, you will appreciate the deal. But make sure to come earlier to get the spot. 

3. Carnival Rides
The place has some good variety of rides for little ones who didn't reach the 42" tall mark yet. A child can ride once he hits the 36" tall mark.

4. Carnival Rides Price
 They are comparatively inexpensive. The average price for a ride is 3 tickets (1 ticket = $1) if paid for each ride individually. The all-you-can-ride armband starts at $20 (or $15 with a coupon), except a sneak-a-peek Thursday when the armband can be purchased for $8. 

5. Special Days Discount
 There are quite a few free admission days and also, a discounted all-you-can-ride armband ($8) on a sneak-a-peek Thursday, the opening day. Senior citizens day, Special kid's day and Wednesday are free for admission. Check out the Galveston Fair & Rodeo website for the discount information and a complete schedule.


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