New Free Script Fonts With Multiple Glyph Styles – Part 2

Elegant, versatile, and overly popular as script fonts are, there weren’t enough occasions for me to use them in my design work. Most of my projects required a clean-cut look and simplicity of sans-serif fonts. So as my personal side project, I came up with a script fonts’ reference file and made it a habit to keep it constantly updated. Just simply sifting through it gets me into a creative mood.

The Christmas Train in Alvin, TX

This is what happens when you end up on the nice list during the holiday season. You get to ride the vintage train to visit Santa and his toy factory at the North Pole. Even though if it's only a 30-minute drive south of Houston, in Alvin. That makes it even better for locals to spend the holiday evening in a wonderful place.

All in all, it's a magical spot to visit for the whole family to start off the holiday season and make unforgettable memories. This is our third year in a row we head over to the Victory camp and it begins to feel more like a good family tradition.


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