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Holidays tend to sneak up on me before I know it. So the thing with a design for various holidays is that I'm almost always rushing to get it done and print on time. Getting it done often means cutting corners on creative thinking, idea generation, and image search.  This is where the graphic designer's best-kept secret – glyphs – comes in handy. Whether you design for a client or tackling your child's school project, using glyphs could do wonders.

Kemah Boardwalk is a Fun-Packed Mecca for Family Getaway

If you feel like getting away from Houston’s hectic vibes, relax and sip a cocktail or two, but are short on the family travel budget to go far beyond the Beltway 8, then the Kemah Boardwalk is the place to go.  It's only minutes away from the Space Center Houston, 40 minutes from Galveston and 45 minutes from Houston. The Boardwalk is a hot spot for the live concerts, fireworks, and salsa classes in the summer.

The Boardwalk is a scenic and a fun-packed mecca for a family getaway. It's a home to live music, the aquarium, the amusement park, the wooden roller coaster, the Century Wheel and the Boardwalk Tower to observe beautiful Galveston Bay views. The ideal place for the kids to burn off their energy. Year-round festivals from Crawfish Boils to Mardi Gras Boat Parade to Rock The Dock Live Music Concerts add to the fun.

The park hosts a high-speed wooden roller coaster, the only of its kind that has the most number of track crossovers ever designed into a wooden coaster. 

Boardwalk Bullet, Kemah 
County music from a wooden shack, brick walkways and the longhorn skull decor make you feel as though you may be stepping into the charming Wild West town. Welcome y'all. Rustic chic vibes make my heart leap whenever I visit the place.
Kemah is the 3rd largest boating recreation district in the U.S. size-wise. I am always drawn to this view. Cheers to adventure and a salty breeze in the hair. 

The Lighthouse District is the go-to place for boutiques and specialty seafood stores. Those small shops are ideal to browse and purchase some cute accessories and pretty beach clothing. Hmm, what does it say down here "Your husband called and said buy anything you want."

The smoked turkey leg and the funnel cake are the staples of the Boardwalk and the latter is probably the biggest "attraction" for my kids.



Sunsets are a dream. Slow down and stay awhile.
The tranquility of the night, a fresh breeze and ambient post lights are best to be experienced at sunset.

The Double-Decker Carousel and Ferris Wheel are pure joy for the kids and adults alike.

Drop Zone and Aviator are for adventurous. I've never braved either.

Gorgeous views, fine dining and the family ride on the puffing vintage train make it worth the trip. An old-fashioned police car is iconic at the Kemah entrance.

The waterfront walkway at night is relaxing and magical with a cooling breeze from the bay and hanging lights.
To cap off the visit with the kids, check out the Stingray Reef at the Aquarium. It's so much joy. You can feed and touch the water dwellers. In fact, they prove to be oddly friendly and adorable, and not so much as they're normally portrayed – deadly creatures with the killer tails.

Kemah in Spring is my happy place. Even in Texas, Spring cannot come soon enough. But when it does, all corners of the side streets are overflowing with blooming trees, lush greenery and color.

Crepe myrtle is in full bloom and brings lovely pink to surroundings.

Depending on the time of year, there's always a nice seasonal backdrop for family photos.

The building on the corner of Bayport Blvd. & 2nd Street, the two-story Law Office is a nice, whimsical place to drive by on your way to/from Kemah. 
Pink Law Office in Seabrook

Cheers to summer days and salsa nights on the Kemah boardwalk.

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