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  Here's a round-up list of free vector files that you can download, customize, and use for both personal and commercial purposes. These files include a variety of illustrations and lettering projects in various styles and formats, such as SVG, EPS, and JPEG, to enhance your projects.

Free and Timeless Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy is the timeless art of beautiful and elegant writing that undergoes the Renaissance nowadays. And it's no wonder why. There's a simple joy of expressing ourselves through unique and eloquent letters.

The perfect balance of modern and classic feel of these free calligraphy fonts make them indispensable for a wide variety of projects from romantic wedding invitations, to joyful birth certificates, to unique signatures, to feminine logos, to classic branding. Regardless of what project you are working on, the beauty of these letterforms will express the most heartfelt feelings and ideas.


1. Leslie Dawn

An elegant flowing font with stunning alternate swash characters for both lowercase and uppercase letters. It is perfect for a huge variety of crafting projects.

Download: DaFont 

2.  Cameliya Stark

A friendly modern font with caps and some lowercase letters going below the baseline that is perfect for adding a stylish chaos and bouncy vibes to your designs. Great for invitations, greeting or name cards, fashion, apparel,  stationery and personal branding.

Download: DaFont


3. Boheme Floral

Eternally beautiful and flowing font Boheme Floral is sure to convey the most earnest feelings and emotions regardless of the type of the project. It has such a strong vibe that can take away attention from the other elements, so the best way to use it is for short lines of text and a few words titles. Less is more.

I personally love everything about this font – the contrast between the thin and thick strokes, the pleasing flow of each letterform, and its timeless charm, of course. The only thing I wish it would've existed at the time when I was designing my wedding invitations. 

Download: DaFont


4.Everything Calligraphy

A beautiful script with elegant and consistent strokes that  mimic the flow of real handwriting. The short x-height of the lowercase letters emphasized by the dramatic tall caps gives the font its unique personality and a sense of sophistication.  

Download: DaFont


5. Sophia Martini

Unrefined monoline handrwitting at its finest. There's a perfect balance between casual and luxurious. This font is a jack of many trades from a thank you note to a book title.

Download at: DaFont


6. Glaston

A true classic font that made its way from the old-fashioned calligraphy books. Consistent letterforms at 55 degree angle, the perfect contrast between thin and thick strokes, and geometrically defined caps loops make this font ideal for when the formal tone is required.  

Download at: DaFont


7. Sydnee

Sydnee has a playful feel with its modern faux calligraphy vibe, bouncy letters, and swirly strokes end points.

Download at: DaFont


8. Planolla

There are power, spirit and a ton of energy in each stroke and when all the letters are combined together they have that flow that draws you in.

Download at: DaFont


9.Bright Salkiy

A condensed upright script with a casual vibe to it is a perfect way to incorporate calligraphy into relaxed and friendly types of projects.

 Download: DaFont


10. Soulmate

You never can go wrong with the free flowing swooshes and legible lowercase letters. A statement font that creates an engaging and memorable design.

Download: DaFont

Font Links:

1. Adore: Leslie Dawn   |   2. Vision: Cameliya Stark   |   3. Stay: Boheme Floral   |   4. Amour: Everything Calligraphy   |   5. Sofia: Sophia Martini   |   6: Femme: Glaston   |   7. Moments: Sydnee   |   8. Beauty: Planolla   |   9. Belle: Bright Salkiy   |   10. Love: Soulmate

DISCLAIMER: At the time of original publishing, free versions of all these fonts were for personal use only. If you need an extended or commercial license, please follow the instructions on the font sharing site to purchase the proper license for your project. For more information on the fonts and their use, please read the license file included either in the font folder or on the download page. The rules of each font are subject to change at any time. It's strictly your own responsibility to make sure that the font is fully licensed for its intended use.



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