Free Font Pairings for Timeless Logo Design – Part 2

Marking a milestone: it's been two years since my inaugural post on timeless logo design , and I'm excited to continue the tradition! With this latest collection, I'm revisiting the world of elegant typography, showcasing my favorite sans-serif typefaces and handwritten script fonts that have stood the test of time. From logos to wedding stationery, these carefully curated font combinations are sure to inspire your next design project. Join me as I explore the art of creating enduring visual identities that will leave a lasting impression.

24 Hours in Dallas

Magnolia Dallas Downtown
Magnolia Dallas Downtown is a Beaux Arts hotel with a Pegasus on a rooftop, spacious rooms, kitchenettes and the view at the Giant Eyeball. The building is a Texas historic landmark. A lavish and ornate hotel's design reflects its historical roots as a home to the Magnolia Petroleum Company when it first opened in 1922. At the turn of the century, industrial buildings' architecture displayed a great wealth of its owners adorned by a symmetrical grandiose design and exuberance of details.      

 Magnolia Dallas Downtown

The Art Deco hotel lobby turns heads and makes you linger before getting in the elevator.
 Magnolia Dallas Downtown

Next to the Magnolia, there is also The Joule hotel, one of the art hotels that offers a visual recess and a craft coffee from the artful Weekend cafe to a weary tourist.

The Wild, Wild West Dallas Irving Backpackers’ B&B
The place is for travelers looking to experience the spirit of the Wild West and travelling on the budge.

Giant Eyeball in Dallas Downtown
The best part of these two hotels is that you can see this larger than life, helloween-appropriate installation from your room.

Giant Eyeball

Thanks-Giving Square
The public space is framed by the garden, underground pedestrian networks and a curving non-denominational chapel with the world's largest stained-glass windows in a form of a spiral.
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Deep Ellum 
A vibrant neighborhood and headquarters to the city's famous street art installations, murals, galleries and great eateries.

Teddy Bears in Lakeside Park
The toy that is dear to our hearts found its way to the Lakeside Park in a form of sizable sculptures. The sculptures were donated to the city by a local family in 1995. 

The Fort Worth Stockyards
Fort Worth, the city where the Wild West heritage comes alive. It is only located 32 miles away from Dallas and is a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden 
If you get lucky enough to visit Dallas in the fall, that's the place I would recommend to head out first. The Autumn at the Arboretum is a picturesque show of different pumpkin, squashes, gourds and their elaborate arrangements. Read more here


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