Free Christmas Font Pairings For Commercial Use

You can never be too prepared for all the crafting needs around the Christmas season. And as much as I love to get creative with holiday designs, I know how time-consuming it could get to find the right image, color scheme, and typeface to design that postcard, mug, or shirt around the holidays. I hope these font pairings save you some time and effort and let you carve a few peaceful moments to enjoy the season  with your family and friends instead.

The Annual Dickinson Festival of Lights, Texas

I love this time of year. And even though Texas doesn't get to see snow and freezing temperatures, still it's all Christmas decorations and grand light displays that make the holiday time so marvelous. And the light displays at the Festival of Lights in Dickinson, TX, simply wrap you up in their holiday magic.

It was our second year when we piled kids into the car and drove over to Dickinson for their Festival of Lights opening night that is held on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. With the time seeming to speed up in December and us getting all overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list, we opt to go early to beat the crowds and enjoy more peaceful experience. The best bit? It's free. However, donations are appreciated.


Look anywhere and you will see lit castles, bright-colored chili peppers, a very Texan reindeer driving a monster truck, a coolest sea life and a Texas star. The all-time favorite is the magical lit-up castle surrounded with the life-size tin soldiers drumming into the holiday season. On top of it, it's the best photo-op to take family pictures.


A row of toy soldiers was straight out of the Andersen's fairy tale "The Steadfast Tin Soldier." In fact, I was looking for the ballerina’s twinkling display, the dainty dancer that one of the tin soldiers fell in love with. I could almost envision her standing on one leg next to soldiers without ever losing her equilibrium. 



If there's one thing Texans appreciate more than y'all, it’s a grandly lit, twinkling y’all inside the Texas-shaped borders. 


It cannot get anymore Texan than to have a Texas star and a longhorn as a giant light display.


To keep the memories date-specific, there's a Christmas 2018 arch that is being updated every year for a better photo-op with the toy soldiers and the vintage plain in the background. 


Of course, no holiday outing would be complete without a few tasty bites of food and warm drinks. After milling around with kids, I could eat my weight then. There is a nice little cafe on the site where you can rest your feet and have a bellyful.

This festival is a true local Christmas tradition that keeps the holiday spirit alive the entire month of December. Have you been at the Festival of Lights before?


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