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A Charming One Day in Boston

A rosy nose, freezing fingers and ordering tea that is actually hot, that's how Boston welcomed me in early January. It was quite the weather change since I flew to New England from a sunny Florida with the sand still in my hair and flip flops neatly tucked away in the inside pocket of my carry-on. But what Boston lacked in warm weather, it made up for in a very Boston charming neighborhood – Beacon Hill.
It wasn't my first time to visit Boston but it was the first time when I discovered the Boston's side that is actually quite charming. In the past, I visited some touristy famous stops – Cambridge, Boston Common (the first public park), SoWa The Art and Design District, the Freedom Trail, the Boston Public Library, but it had always been lost on me the charm of it. For this trip, while visiting friends, I wasn't expecting to wear my walking shoes, but rather to grab a quick bite of Boston cream pie and spend most of my time in some warm and cozy place chatting away with friends while sipping  (or slurping) Boston clam chowder.

I did my research while on the plane what places to visit if you have only a day to explore and the charming, cobblestone street that I have not visited before came about – Acorn Street. It looked quint and a very Boston, so I planned on stopping by to take a few photos to make something out of my short visit. Back then little I knew that Acorn street is the part of the Boston's most charming and a historically rich neighborhood – Beacon Hill.

Named after a beacon that alerted residents of danger, Beacon Hill stands tall at 80 feet. Its vast perspective views, narrow back streets, and antique shops transport you back in time.  The Hill is probably the most famous online for its cobblestone sidewalks, window planters full of spilling flowers and greens and beautifully decorated porches that are updated seasonally. So the decor is never the same.

Leave the car behind to wander along the streets, every turn proved to be full of history and culture. Historic hotels, Victorian brick houses, and old-fashion boutiques line the cobblestone streets and get lighted with antique gas lamps. The neighborhood has much to offer to first-time visitors, as well as returning guests.

The Walk

I braved the Hill form Charles Street. The first window that had me was adorned with a nice holiday window planter with patches of red holly berries. The shabby golden sign U. S. Post Office looked like it was painted a century ago and the nice window embellishment was giving off its royal charm. Who wouldn't want to mail out a postcard when coming across such a pretty Post Office?
The planned ahead quick stop at the most photographed street turned out to be a few hours trip throughout the neighborhood.



Chestnut And Mount Vernon Streets

Allow plenty of time to wander these beautiful streets. You will see tons of beautiful window planter boxes, door wreaths, monograms, tucked away back streets and front porch ornate details that will leave you in awe.

Not to mention, the magically-looking "Sunflower Castle" at 130 Mount Vernon Street. The name says it all. Its sunny colored facade stands out against the nearly-identical tan-brown elegant rowhouses. Look for the rebel on the hill.


Getting There

Step into the Boston Public Garden (4 Charles St.) and walk through Boston Common. These two green spaces have the old-time look, in fact, the latter has the landscape that hasn't been interrupted since the park has been founded in 1634. After walking these historic grounds, go up to Charles Street into Beacon Hill. Along Charles Street look for nice antique boutiques, secluded gift shops, and cozy cafes. Its historical charm also lives in the old-fashioned signs that hang from the stores' facades keeping the authentic roots of the place.

While in the Hill, head over to the African Meeting House, the gold-domed Massachusetts State House, Boston Athenaeum and "Sunflower Castle." On the way to the North End, through Faneuil Hall Market, a historic promenade, you end up in the "Little Italy" neighborhood.

One day isn't nearly enough to appreciate all the city's rich history, but it's worth the try to start it off by visiting the most charming and arresting neighborhood in Boston – Beacon Hill. 


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