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Mind-Blowing Hotel Lobbies and Lighting in Las Vegas

Vegas has a thing for mind-blowing hotel lobbies and the gorgeous lighting. You get your neck muscles all stiff from looking up, on the art pieces that hung from the hotels' ceilings. Those are so exceptionally arresting that it's so unlikely you would see them somewhere else but Las Vegas. 

“Fiori di Como” at Bellagio 

Artist Dale Chihuly created one of his famous “Fiori Di Como,” the glass sculpture that's so beloved by Bellagio visitors. The installation is made of 2000 glass blossoms and weighs about 40,000 pounds. You can see people visiting the hotel just to seat under the structure and looking up. It's said that the piece costs around $10 million.


The Chandelier at Cosmopolitan

Can it get any more Vegas than to have a drink inside the ethereally-designed, 3-story high chandelier made of seven million crystals? Located in the center of Cosmopolitan, this lounge has three levels connected by the spiraling staircases, all wrapped in iridescent strands of glass droplets. A drink menu differs for each level. The first level is right under the structure itself and is more a casino bar. The second level hosts molecular mixology and the third floral and fruit blends. 


Parasol Down at Wynn

The whimsical, a highly-extravagant lounge features the suspended slowly spinning parasols in different shapes and colors. The spectacular sight of the 40-foot waterfall looming over the lake and lounge's visitors completes the view. Walking down the curved escalator is like stepping into the mid-18th century Paris and taking a peek inside the Versailles room where Madame de Pompadour exercised her taste in an opulent and flamboyant design. The parasols' grandeur, movement, and deep colors will render you awed.


Hallways at Wynn 

This sassy hotel is ceiling to floor amazing. And its hallways and ceilings at every turn don't come up short of its main grand entryway with suspended balls and the flower carousel and hot air balloon. Stepping inside is like entering a contemporary art paradise where every turn is worthy of wandering.

And even though the main draw here is a Jeff Koons shiny sculpture of Popeye with a can of spinach for $28 million, the butterflies above it create a visual fluidity and movement.


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