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Making the Most of a Day Trip to Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is unbelievable. It’s steeped into history and Southern charm that exudes from its cobblestone streets, tucked-away squares, well-preserved 19th-century architecture, home numbers written out in an elegant script, and old-fashioned gas lanterns.  And all its beauty is reverently guarded in the shade of old-age live oaks draped in Spanish moss.

Even though one day is barely enough to grasp all its beauty, I want to write about the scenes I enjoyed and preserve these memories to myself.

Forsyth Park

Even though the park is quite big with so many areas for picnics, walking, and special events it’s the Forsyth Park fountain that draws locals and tourists in. The fountain’s replica is a staple in souvenir stores. And chances are, you’ve already seen it somewhere before on a postcard, booking website or travel flier without realizing the place for what it is — a Savannah's most beautiful and visited square.

It’s romantic and serene, so be careful not to photobomb one of those engagement or proposal photo sessions. The walk to the fountain under the shade of live oaks is a sight in itself.


Jones Street

There are not enough words to describe Jones Street. It’s best to be experienced. The street has its own heart and pulse that you feel when looking at the well-preserved 19th-century houses and old-age live oaks draped in Spanish moss that line the street on both sides. Walking along is like stepping into the past, decades or centuries ago, with no inclination to hurry back to the present.


SCAD’s Poetter Hall

The SCAD campus wasn’t on my list to visit. I haven’t even heard about this place in Savannah before. But nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Thanks to a hassle to find parking, I accidentally came across the SCAD’s Poetter Hall on Bull Street, which turned out to be an amazing sight of creativity within the century-year old building. If fact, the campus looked more like a castle than the school premise. 

I was visiting in the summer when the school wasn’t in session, so all these amazing hallways and open spaces were freely available to walk through. They also have a shop on the corner of the building that sells students and alumni works.


Chocolate by Adam Turoni

Have you ever been to the chocolate library with old-fashioned glass cabinets filled with replicas of rare books, antique busts, and delicious handcrafted chocolate? if not, you are in for a treat. This candy store carries designer chocolate that looks like a work of art in itself.


Broughton Street

It’s a shopping heart of Savannah. Locals and tourists flock to Broughton to see the historic landmarks, like The Marshal House and Leopold’s Ice Cream or go for trendier shops like Kade Spade and Kendra Scott.


The City Market

Once the central market, this place has had its fair share of highs and lows. With the town’s growth, the market has been reconstructed into a parking garage in the fifties and stayed as such for almost 50 years until the city has decided to transform it back into a market later in the 2000s.  Now it’s a community hub of trendy restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, and the town’s night scene.


The Paris Market

All things French are charming, sensuous, and alluring, especially those painted in Robin’s egg blue. And while I’m not ready to dwell on je ne sais quoiin this post, the one thing I can indulge in talking about is buttery, fresh croissants and cafe au lait served on the prettiest corner of Broughton — The Paris Market.

Inspired by a Parisian flea market, the two-level market, situated in the Victorian-style building, has a little cafe tucked into a corner on the main floor and sell many interesting decorative pieces: jewelry,  perfumes, soaps, tea, vintage candies, paintings, art books, wine you name it. Make sure to go downstairs to check furniture, kitchen goods, antique kids' toys, and some other peculiar treasures.


Savannah Bee Company

My sweetest moments in Savannah highlighted by a honey tasting and a mead bar. Besides all the different varieties of honey, they also have a lot of honey-based goods, including bath, beauty, and home products.  Even now a year later those sweet, natural scents and tastes evoke the best memories of my Savannah trip.


The Marshall House

The rumors are, this hotel is one of the South's most haunted places. And if rumors aren’t enough to go on, brave a walk around it.
Located in the historic building in the heart of Broughton Street, the place has that Southern charm about it.


River Street

Century-old warehouses on River Street now host many stores, hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. But all those numerous shops are not what attracted me to walk there. The atmosphere, the presence of many shaded areas, and a feeling of a gentle breeze from the river on the face are what makes this street special.

Old-century building on River Street


Final Thoughts: The Walk

Savannah will charm you with every step of the way. I never felt so good after getting lost on the streets of an unknown town with no space on the phone to take more photos and sore feet after a day-long walk. And even if you like the comfort of your car way too much, Savannah is best to be experienced on foot.



Making the most of a day trip to Savannah


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