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Wynn Las Vegas: The Art Scene Worth of Millions

Let's face it. Most people travel to Las Vegas on a budget. And some even spend an entire vacation there without making a bet.  Las Vegas couldn’t be more accommodating to both a money-savvy traveler and the one who is ready to splurge. There are various reasons to visit Vegas— gambling, entertainment, nightlife scenes, festivals or cuisine.

For me, it’s cultural and arts scenes that excite the most and deliver a great source of inspiration. A wealth of art per single square foot is such that you will unlikely come across elsewhere but Vegas. Whatever your taste in art, chances are Vegas has it all. There are plenty of places to appreciate art, and yet, Wynn Las Vegas, a luxury resort and casino, beats them all when it comes down to the world-class art.

The art scene in Wynn is staggering and that what gives me yet another excuse to plan the next trip to Vegas. The hallways of the grandest and flashiest casino resort in Vegas are destinations in themselves.

Here are my highlights of this luxurious place:


The Hallways 

Those hallways are anything but bland. It's Vegas, after all. A web of flower balls suspended from the trees creates the dreamy feel of the place.


Floral Installations Made of 110,000 Flowers


Smiling King Bear


Popeye by Jeff Koons


Wynn Dining

The Buffet

Parasol Up


The Walk

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these highlights of one of my favorite places to visit in Las Vegas. Even though if you aren't planning on staying there, it’s well worth a visit to enjoy its world-class art.


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