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Ice Land at Moody Gardens Is a One-of-a-Kind Holiday Experience

If you have not been able to get away for Christmas yet, Ice Land at Moody Gardens is a perfect destination to ring in the holidays. Christmas is only two weeks away, so you have to plan that trip fast.

Ice Land has been a highlight of the Christmas season for our family for the last three years as we visit Moody Gardens over the holidays. Two million pounds of ice goes into this merriest attraction that is taking you on a new-brand journey around the world every year. Imaging voyaging around the globe and encountering the indigenous species and unique tourist destinations in just under 30 minutes. Talking about a journey of a lifetime in a span of minutes.


2018: Pole-to-Pole

In 2018, the theme Pole-to-Pole featured dozens of species living at both The Arctic and The Antarctic from emperor penguins to polar bears to reindeers to walruses. With a giant Santa's sleigh is being in the middle of all this wildlife.


2019: Christmas Around The World

With this year’s theme Christmas Around The World, you get a chance to visit the world’s wonders, like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Mount Fuji or Stonehenge under the same roof. Also, see if you can name all these iconic landmarks with their respective locations before peeking at the display labels. It could be fun to play the game to get your attention off a frigid temperature maintained at 9 degrees.

 Ended up on Santa's nice list 


Giant Ice Slide

While traveling around the world, your kids will probably think that the real world’s wonder is a giant ice slide that towers above all other sights. Regardless of the attraction, if there is a slide, let alone a giant ice slide, kids are happy. With the stairs winded through a medieval castle and the Eiffel tower carved on the top of the slide, you can actually enjoy standing in line for a few minutes to take some photos along the way. You can go down the slide as many times as you want. We visited during weekdays when it wasn’t crowded, so we went in line pretty quickly.

A giant Ice Land at Moody Gardens in Galveston


The Walk to Ice Land

You won’t miss the 28,000 square-foot white tent located behind the Moody Gardens hotel right in front of the pyramids. The way to the entrance is lined up with the cherry blossom tree lanterns that shine brightly after dusk, so just follow that road to get to the front. There are two different entrances, one for the members and the other one for guests. The attendant will direct you to the right one.

The attraction starts with a short film about how Ice Land came about. You will have time to bundle up and have your photo taken by a site’s photographer for extra cost as you enter the exhibit. There is no obligation to take a photo though.

Parka is included with your admission. But with the freezing temperatures inside, it may be worth to have your own hat, gloves and some warm layers on in addition to the complementary parka. The chances are without all these extra layers, you may not be able to spend enough time inside to fully enjoy the exhibit, let alone stand in line to the ice slide. However, hats and gloves are available to purchase on-site.

Shivers Ice Bar

To cap off the visit to Ice Land, you can stop by the Shivers Ice Bar and have an adult beverage by a fireplace made of ice. After spending about 20 minutes inside, my frozen fingers couldn't manage to hold a drink so I had to pass up this experience.

After you get out of the main zone with ice sculptures, check out the gift store. They have plenty of festive and island-inspired decor. In my books, the perfect holiday gift after this frosty experience is a cup of hot chocolate that’s available to purchase on-site.

2020: Sneak Peek

Ice Land at Moody Gardens


Tips for Visiting Ice Land

Visit: Ice Land is open Nov. 16, 2019 –– Jan. 12, 2020.

Tickets: Admission to Ice Land is $28.95 for adults and $23.95 for seniors and children. Children 3 and under are free. You can buy a one-day value pass that includes admissions to most attractions at Moody Gardens or tickets to just Ice Land. Here are the tickets to Ice Land

Parking: On-site parking is free. However, it gets busy on weekends and during school breaks so arrive earlier to get the spot.

Clothing: Parka is included with your admission and should be returned after you exit the exhibit. However, wear some warm layers and bring your own hats and gloves to enjoy the frosty experience to the fullest.  

Value Deals:
Consider buying a one-day value pass or better yet, one of the memberships if you plan on visiting more than once a year. There’s no shortage of things to do and see at Moody Gardens. Individual, family, or seasonal memberships include unlimited admissions to most Moody Gardens attractions including the Ice Land and Festival of Lights in the winter and Palm Beach in the summer. It pays for itself in just two visits! Here are the value deals and memberships


Christmas Craft

The holiday season is around the corner, and if you want to add a fun twist to your gifts, use this printable PDF – Free Funny Gift Tags For Any Occasion. It's guaranteed to make your gift exchange memorable, thoughtful, and hands down fun.

If you visited Ice Land at Moody Gardens, please share it in the comments below.


Ice Land at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX


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