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Kicking Off The RodeoHouston

HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO is an annual thrilling celebration of the Old West heritage. It returns every year in the spring with the carnival rides, games, food, epic country music concerts and of course, the world's largest livestock show and rodeo. This year, the family outing was at the carnival. It blew away my two-year-old (and my budget allocated for the couple of rodeos in the future).
BIG BOOT First we stopped by the big boot to play a cornhole to score some free giveaways. The number of prizes depends on the number of bags making it inside the boots. We scored two out of three so we left with a kid cowboy hat and a nice koozee.

The Ground Map 

Here's the signature car installation of the rodeo. Go big and visit the spot. 

CARNIVAL RIDES There are plenty of rides and games to make the most of your time -- windsurf, rave wave, the Zipper and many others. However, most of them require a child to be at least 42" tall and up to have a ride. There are very few rides for kids who are 36" tall.

TICKETS The average carnival ride per person is about 6-8 tickets. You buy 10 tickets for $5. However, majority of the rides are for kids who are 3-years-old and up due to some height restrictions. A child has to be a minimum of 42" tall to ride on the most attractions.

FOOD The rodeo food is one-of-a-kind dining experience that is worth of any distance trip. Come hungry and try a 2-foot-long sausage on a stick, over-the-top burgers, handmade tamales, chocolate-dipped jalapeños, deep-fried Oreo or always favorite Texas-sized smoked turkey legs.

Apparently, jumbo is a new small for the Rodeo season.

The rodeo is avant-garde for pretty much everything that is deep-fried. Deep-fried food is outrageously weird as much as it is good. Deep-fried cheesecake or cookie dough, anyone? 

 or maybe pizza on a stick?


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