New Free Script Fonts With Multiple Glyph Styles – Part 2

Elegant, versatile, and overly popular as script fonts are, there weren’t enough occasions for me to use them in my design work. Most of my projects required a clean-cut look and simplicity of sans-serif fonts. So as my personal side project, I came up with a script fonts’ reference file and made it a habit to keep it constantly updated. Just simply sifting through it gets me into a creative mood.

CareFREE Mardi Gras Fonts

Free Mardi Gras Fonts
A few years ago I was working on the Mardi Gras poster and the first thing I did to find inspiration for my typography design was going to font sharing sites to look for Mardi Gras typefaces. To my surprise, there’ve been only so many fonts, let alone free fonts, to choose from. And even those available for purchase fonts looked as if nearly 9 out of 10 graphic designers have already used them long before me.

Eventually, I gave up on finding the font that has been specifically designed for the Mardi Gras season and went with the typeface that somewhat felt like Mardi Gras and had a few swash details in the capitals. 

Fast forward a few years and the problem with Mardi Gras fonts seems to be the same – there are only so many Mardi Gras fonts available and even those look like they’ve been overused.

So this post is rather my version of a cheat sheet if I were to work on my next Mardi Gras project. I hope you can find it helpful too.

If you can think of some other fonts that can be used to evoke the Mardi Gras’s wild and carefree spirit, please share them in the comment below.

CareFREE Mardi Gras Fonts


Font Links:

1. Fat Tuesday: Zil Semi Slab

2. Floats: Funny and Cute

3. Bead There: Roundabout | Playkidz

4. Masquerade Masks: Midnight Valentine

5. Parade Krewes: Creamy Love

6. New Orleans: Motion Picture

7. Fleur-de-Lis: Funkies

8. Let The Good Times Roll: Funky Flamingo

9. Galveston Island: Kontor

10. Carnival: Happy Days

DISCLAIMER: Some of these fonts are for personal use only. If you need an extended or commercial license, please contact the designer or follow the instructions on the font sharing sites. For more information about the fonts and their use, please read the license file included either in the font folder or on the download page. The rules of each font are subject to change at any time. It is strictly your own responsibility to make sure that the font is fully licensed for your project.

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