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Fall is in the air! At least it's officially fall at Starbucks as the Pumpkin Spice Latte returns for its 20th year tomorrow, on Aug. 24, which I am excited a bit too much about. I am more than ready to pull out my favorite sweater from the back of the closet and see everything turn orange and burgundy. Time for a new free graphic to greet autumn and say goodbye to the summer!

Free Modern Script Fonts With Stylish Glyphs For Commercial Use – Part 2

I know I say this in every modern calligraphy post, but there's no such thing as too many elegant script fonts in one's font library. Those exquisite handwritten typefaces steal your heart with the first ornate flourish at the end of a letter's stroke. What's more? All these script fonts come with some hidden treasures, aka glyphs. Here, I've compiled my latest favorites with the extended collections of special characters, swashes, alternates, and letters with those stylish "tails." Enjoy exploring these modern script fonts. They are great to have in your creative arsenal.



These fonts come with dozens of beautiful alternates – glyphs. All the swirly alternatives of standard letters and characters will help you customize and elevate your design with minimal effort. The best way to access the glyphs is to use software that supports OpenType features, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw or Affinity Designer.

Glyphs can be used in countless ways, from breaking the monotony of the headline to effectively leading the eye throughout the entire design piece. And, of course, they are just so much fun to explore and use. 

Rasberry Script with and without glyphs:

Glyph Usage Example


However, if you prefer not to choose any alternatives to standard letters and symbols, you can still use any of these fonts in their original version for a variety of projects, from wedding invitations to social media quote posts. 

If you need to brush up on how to access and use glyphs, check this out: Font Tips: How to Easily Access and Use Glyphs. There are multiple ways to harness the power of hidden characters, even using your standard applications, such as Microsoft Word or Pages on a Mac.

For more typography inspiration, you can read my first article, Free Modern Script Fonts With Stylish Glyphs For Commercial Use, which started this font collection series.



When installing these fonts, make sure you choose the OpenType (.otf) font file. OTF files are the ones to contain custom ornate alternates unlike their TTF counterparts. Swashy variations of standard letters, custom ligatures, special characters, and other lovely extras are all hidden treasures in OpenType fonts.


Creating a free account with Creative Fabrica allows you to download and use these fonts for commercial projects at no cost. You can create unlimited new digital and physical designs (quotes, sayings, names, and etc.) to sell. However, there are some usage restrictions under a commercial license you will need to get familiar with, such as converting individual font letters and numbers into different formats and selling those files. Please take a careful look at an overview of how to use fonts covered by a commercial license here.

However, in most cases, if you an Etsy seller or Cricut enthusiast, these fonts will cover many of your design needs.


Free Modern Scripts With Glyphs



10 Free Modern Script Fonts for Commercial Use:

1. Everything: Ayshana Script

2. Flamingo: Scoothlane Script

3. Starlight: Catandra Script

4. Hierarchy: Juliantine Handwritten

5. Enjoy: Girl

6. Aloe: Ardilla

7. Atmosphere: Heart

8. Wisteria: Rasberry

9. Gardenia: Angista Script

10. You "love" Me: Speak Love

DISCLAIMER: At the time of publishing, all these fonts were free for commercial use. But the license terms are subject to change at any time. This post should not be taken as permission from the copyright owner to use any of these fonts for commercial use. Always read carefully the license file on the download page. The acceptable uses under a commercial license vary depending on a foundry or font shop. It is strictly your own responsibility to make sure that the chosen font is fully licensed for its intended use. If any doubts, please contact the online font shop directly. 

Thank you for reading this post. Here are more font articles to get you inspired for your next design project. 

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