Free Font Pairings for Timeless Logo Design – Part 2

Marking a milestone: it's been two years since my inaugural post on timeless logo design , and I'm excited to continue the tradition! With this latest collection, I'm revisiting the world of elegant typography, showcasing my favorite sans-serif typefaces and handwritten script fonts that have stood the test of time. From logos to wedding stationery, these carefully curated font combinations are sure to inspire your next design project. Join me as I explore the art of creating enduring visual identities that will leave a lasting impression.

Free Christmas Font Pairings For Commercial Use

You can never be too prepared for all the crafting needs around the Christmas season. And as much as I love to get creative with holiday designs, I know how time-consuming it could get to find the right image, color scheme, and typeface to design that postcard, mug, or shirt around the holidays. I hope these font pairings save you some time and effort and let you carve a few peaceful moments to enjoy the season  with your family and friends instead.


Typographic Adjustments

It's subtle tweaks that take your design from good to great and can command a viewer's interest. So often, I use additional treatments to the text, such as extra spacing (tracking) between letters and glyphs, to give the font an edge.

The sayings like "December 25, Christmas Trees, Peace on Earth, and Holiday Cheer" have their tracking adjusted manually.  I also used glyphs to embellish letters Y, C, R, T, S in the words "happy," "peace," and "Christmas." Those hidden characters should never be underestimated.

If you need to brush up on what the glyphs are in typography and how to locate and use them, check this out Font Tips: How to Easily Access and Use Glyphs with Various Apps on Mac.

Your spacing and glyph solutions can be different and based on many factors, from the number of lines and letters in a quote to the interdependence of all elements to your personal perception of whether it feels just right.

You're more than welcome to copy the designs and font combinations with modifications or as-is, but make sure that fonts you use are fully licensed for their intended use.  



Creating a free account with Creative Fabrica allows you to download and use these fonts commercially at no cost. You can create unlimited new digital and physical designs (quotes, sayings, names) to sell. However, there are some usage restrictions under a commercial license you will need to get familiar with, such as converting individual font letters and numbers into different formats and selling those files. Please take a careful look at an overview of how to use fonts covered by a commercial license here.

Let me finish off by saying that it's not a sponsored post. I really like Creative Fabrica's extensive free font collection and a commercial license that covers pretty much all my design needs. 


Free Christmas Font Pairings For Commercial Use

Background Glitter Image by Markus Spiske 


Free Christmas Font Pairings:

1. December 25:  Mick Caster | Glory Sunshine Reg.
2. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year:  Dolley | Arnitta Callina
3. Farm Fresh, Christmas Trees: Mariyam | Charrie
4. Merry and Bright: Hashira Mt | Klotee
5. Happy Holidays:  Archipellago | Gnuolane
6. Joy to the World: Find Joy | Mbkaos
7. Peace on Earth: Holidays | Aelten
8. Holiday Cheer: Vincent Familiante | Smart Frocks
9. Naughty or Nice: Anastasia | Road Sunshine
10. Merry Christmas: Hiters Script | Bestigia

Install Fonts

To download these fonts, click on font links above. You will be redirected to the font website (Creative Fabrica) where you can download chosen fonts.

Font files normally come in .zip folders. Unzip them by right-clicking. Look for the TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) files. Either will work fine. You may also see different variations of the same font, like a condensed, light, or heavy version.

If working on a PC, right-click on the .otf or .ttf font file, and then click Install. On a Mac, double-click on the font file and then install.

Now, you should be able to see installed fonts across all your apps on your computer.


DISCLAIMER At the time of publishing, all these fonts were free for commercial use. But the license terms are subject to change at any time. This post should not be taken as permission from the copyright owner to use any of these fonts for commercial use. Always read carefully the license file on the download page. The acceptable uses under a commercial license vary depending on a foundry or font shop. It is strictly your own responsibility to make sure that the chosen font is fully licensed for its intended use. If any doubts, please contact the online font shop directly.    


The holiday season is around the corner, and if you want to add a fun twist to your gifts, use this printable PDF – Free Funny Gift Tags For Any Occasion. It's guaranteed to make your gift exchange memorable, thoughtful, and hands down fun.

It's about to be December... I'm in the midst of Christmas shopping and my endless to-do list. Here's a glimpse at one of the fun ways I unwind as a graphic designer - December Moodboard.

Weeks leading to Christmas are insanely busy even without adding to them the stress of the last minute designs. I hope you find these posts helpful and they will give you more than a second to yourself to fully enjoy the season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May all your holiday wishes come true!

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