Free Fonts With Holiday Glyphs

Holidays tend to sneak up on me before I know it. So the thing with a design for various holidays is that I'm almost always rushing to get it done and print on time. Getting it done often means cutting corners on creative thinking, idea generation, and image search.  This is where the graphic designer's best-kept secret – glyphs – comes in handy. Whether you design for a client or tackling your child's school project, using glyphs could do wonders.

Moodboard: December

December. Sometimes I forget how charming and reassuring you are, the season of Advent. I love the smell of clementine peels, chill in the air, and the way everything seems to come alive in anticipation of Christmas. December reminds me of hope, inner change and a chance to start afresh.

Working on this moldboard allows me to quiet my mind to reflect on the past months and plan for the year ahead.

What I love about the moodboard design the most is that it is not supposed to be a finished project. You can continue adding and removing sketches, notes, images, colors, and even objects until a strong visual solution is achieved. There are no right or wrong approaches to moodboards, no limitations to the process. It simply confirms if the visual concept works on doesn't work for that matter. Nothing is more productive than a moodboard that paves the way for the development stage in design.

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