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Moodboard: January

The January mood board is bold and simple. It holds the power of new beginnings and small steps. It's a tiny whisper of the unknown that beckons one to embark on a journey, focusing on taking the first step and not worrying about the final destination. 


The Power of Small Beginnings

The mood board is like a journey. It always remains a mystery what discoveries await you at the end of the road or the creative process for that matter. The end result may not look like what you expected, but the process itself will give you an invaluable insight you couldn't glimpse otherwise to start defining your ideas. If nothing else, the blank page won't seem so scary anymore.

So have fun embarking on this creative journey and seeing what fun discoveries there will be with every stroke of pen, image, or color scheme.

Mood board Vibes:  Small beginnings | First steps | Bold | Simple

Moodboard: January


Photo Credits: Julien-Pier Belanger |   Vince GxBenjamin Davies |

Get Started

Pinterest is probably the easiest tool out there for you to capture inspiration for mood boards and save those ideas instantly. Evernote and Canva are other great online tools that are always at your fingertips and let you keep all your files organized.

Have fun experimenting with your moodboard and use it as an inspirational trampoline to propel your ideas to the next level. As we step into a new year, I hope it brings you lots of creative joy, wisdom, and growth!

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