Free Font Pairings for Timeless Logo Design

I was recently working on a couple of classy logos, focusing on a timeless style and a simple, clean look. Naturally, I explored legible sans-serif typefaces and light handwritten script fonts to achieve the desired look and feel. As with many font posts, I keep my favorite typefaces and the best font combinations here on my blog for any future reference and inspiration. I hope you enjoy using these to design timeless logos, wedding artworks, any special occasion display text, and more in minutes.

Moodboard: January

The January moodboard is bold and simple. It holds the power of new beginnings and small steps. It's a tiny whisper of the unknown that beckons you to embark on a journey, focusing on taking the first step and not worrying about the final destination. 

 Vibes:  Small beginnings | Bold | Simple

Moodboard: January


Photo Credits: Julien-Pier Belanger |   Vince GxBenjamin Davies |



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